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VtigerCRM 5 form field properties


VtigerCRM uses a set of predefined controls to draw and populate user pages. Using controls from a library imposes a standard look and feel and guarantees reuse of large chunks of code. Developers can use the very same controls and widgets including the Vtlib library in their projects. Developing new modules or customizing existing ones recurring to the Vtlib library, code can be written faster retaining greater compatibility with the CRM.

Widget types

The widget set covers all of the main CRM functions. The control count and standard behavior slightly vary depending on the VtigerCRM or the Vtlib version. It is good practice to check for Vtlib library version prior to writing new code in order to prevent undesired side effects. A list of known controls can be obtained reading some source code files where standard detail view or update view behavior are defined: include/utils/DetailViewUtils.php, include/utils/EditViewUtils.php.

Type Description / Purpose
1 Text field.
Single line input only.
2 Equals type 1, but the field is mandatory.
3 Text field, cannot be updated.
Auto generated incremental values used as entity identifiers.
4 Auto generated values.
Can be customized for each module independently.
5 Date field.
Links to the jsCalendar object.
Uses user defined date format.
Inserted dates are checked for consistency prior to saving.
6 Date Time field.
Time can be inserted recurring to a pick list control.
Links to the jsCalendar object.
Inserted dates are checked for consistency prior to saving.
Inserted Date / Time should be later than current ones.
7 Numeric field.
Single line only.
8 Text Area.
Text is saved as a set of comma separated strings.
9 Percent field.
Only accepts values greater than 0 and lower than 100.
10 Relates to other modules entities. A general relate field for entity relationships.
11 Single line text field.
No consistency check performed prior to saving.
12 E-mail field.
Saves a link to the address book e-mail address upon sending a message.
13 E-mail field.
An user provided address is required.
A consistency check is performed prior to message sending.
15 Pick list.
Listed values differ between modules and based upon user role.
16 Pick list.
Listed values differ between modules but not based upon user role.
17 Web link.
No check performed prior to saving.
19 Text Area used for long descriptions.
20 Equals type 19. Field is mandatory.
21 5 rows long text field. Used for addresses and short descriptions.
22 Text Area field specifically used to insert the "Title" field in some modules.
Mandatory field.
23 Date field.
Equals type 5, but it is usually used to insert end dates.
24 Text Area sized around 5 lines. Primarily used to store "Billing Address".
When a contact is selected, the field is automatically filled in with the contact address.
Field is mandatory.
25 Email Status Tracking field. Counts the number of times an email is opened.
26 Documents folder.
Used to select documents for upload.
27 File type.
Shows a pick list on the left side of the control. Selecting a choice, values in the right change accordingly.
28 File name.
File type should be selected in another field.
30 Drop down box used to set the reminder time when creating an activity.
33 Text Area behaving like a pick list. Values can be selected from a predefined list.
Values cannot be edited or inserted anew. only existing choices can be selected.
51 Select an account or a contact from a pop-up window.
52 A drop down combo box used to select users.
The inserted user is the handler for the entity being created.
53 A drop down combo box user to select an user or a group.
List choices can be filtered by users or groups.
55 A pick list used to select a Salutation.
56 Check box that accepts "Yes" / "No" input.
57 Pop-up contact selection window.
255 Salutation.
This is used in the Leads or Contacts module only.

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Languages: English - Italiano