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VtigerCRM internals

Field Properties

All controls appearing in VtigerCRM forms are cloned from a limited set of "Widgets" designed by the software developers. All of this controls can be used while developing custom modules either through the use of the vtlib library or writing XML description code for the module. Control features and behavior can be set through a limited set of properties. Control properties will be listed below accompanied by a brief description of their function. Were You interested in learning about existing controls properties, You could query the vtiger_field table, where all of VtigerCRM active controls are listed.

Property Description
name This is mandatory for all fields. The name should be unique for a module.
column The database column linked to the form fields.
Data saved in the software forms will be written in the corresponding column.
columntype Data type saved into the column. Please consult your database engine of choice documentation for a list of possible entries.
generatedtype Identifies predefined fields and custom user additions.
While developing a new module all fields will classify as predefined.
Can assume two values: 1 and 2. 1 equals Existing: a field from the module main table, while 2 equals User Defined: A custom field whose content is saved in a custom table named <module name>cf.
label The text description associated to each form field.
VtigerCRM uses the saved value as an index for the $mod_strings array where the program translations reside.
English names only should be used while developing new modules.
table The column containing table.
Standard modules use the vtiger_<module name> naming convention.
maximumlength The maximum number of characters / numbers that can be entered in the forms field.
typeofdata Form data format.
Formatting is imposed by a X~Y string where X means data type (Please read Data types used in VtigerCRM 5), while Y can assume two values only: M for mandatory or O for optional.
uitype The Widget that will appear in a form (Please read VtigerCRM 5 Widget list).
displaytype Selects which forms should show the control.
The potential values range from 1 to 4.
1 means every view, 2 means detail view only, never in the edit view, 3 means the field will never be shown alone, but only with other related ones and 4 means the field should be shown during data insert only. Not in the detail view nor in the edit view.
masseditable Should the control be shown in the Mass Edit list ?
Can be assigned a value of 0 or 1.
A value of 0 enables the Mass Edit feature for the field while a value of 1 disables it.
presence Which is the field nature ?
The potential values range from 0 to 2.
0 identifies a system field that cannot be hidden by the user. 1 identifies an hidden field, never shown. 2 identifies a standard field: its presence can be configured in the customization forms.
quickcreate Should the control be shown in the Quick Create form ?
Can be assigned a value of 0 or 1.
A value of 0 enables the Quick Create feature for the field while a value of 1 disables it.
quickcreatesequence Control order of appearance in the Quick Create form.
readonly Identifies Read Only fields.
A value of 0 means Read Only field, while a value of 1 identifies a Read / Write one.
selected Gives focus to the control after opening a form.
Only one "selected" control should exist for each form.
Can be assigned a value of 0 or 1.
A value of 0 assigns the control the "selected" status while a value of 1 disables it.
sequence Control order of appearance in the Detail View form.
helpinfo Help message for the in-line help. The text message popping-up when the mouse hovers the control.
info_type In-line help message type
Can be assigned a value of BAS for a message regarded as a Basic Information, or ADV for More Information messages.

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Languages: English - Italiano