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Slackware 14.1 was officially released 7th November 2013 and as a consequence the Image Scan software install procedure was in need of a review and update. In the following paper I'll refer to Iscan release 2.29.3 the latest available at present. Slackware 14.1 has no significant difference when compared to the previous 14.0 release for what concerns the scanning software. Sadly the path issue related to the PNG library header files was not managed upstream and the need for patching the source code persists in release 2.29.3. As explained in my previous article: Iscan and Slackware 14.0, line 45 of the /lib/pngstream.hh file should be updated replacing

   #include <png.h>

with the right header path:

   #include <libpng12/png.h>

to prevent a compiler error while building software. A big thank You to Antonio M. for reporting the issue.

A patch for the file can be downloaded here: Iscan PNG patch. The patch can be applied following some easy steps:

  • Move to the directory /tmp/iscan where package build takes place.
  • Copy the previously downloaded file iscan_png.patch.
  • Run command: patch -p01 -i iscan_png.patch .

Then rerun command make to start source code compiling.

Below are links to the SlackBuild scripts for iscan, iscan-data and the plug-ins some scanner model needs to work properly. The SlackBuild script for Iscan provides automatic patch apply for the PNG library before building the source code.

A step by step build procedure is detailed in some of mine previous papers: Iscan software and Iscan for 64 bit Linux. I'll repeat the install order for packages for Your convenience: iscan-data, iscan, scan-plugin.

Packages for Slackware 14.1 can be downloaded from the following links:

Too many plug-ins exist for converting them all. I'll suggest downloading the one suitable for Your scanner model from the official site then converting it through the SlackBuild script.

Updated Packages / Scripts

All software is subject of updates and new releases, adding functionality and supporting newer hardware devices. Packages and scripts updated to a recent Iscan release can be found in the following web page.

For any feedback, questions, errors and such, please e-mail me at studiosg [at] giustetti [dot] net

External links

Languages: English - Italiano