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TDE - Applications

The tdewebdev package includes some applications written for web developpment: an editor for HTML code, a style sheet editor and some other tools aimed at easing maintenance and development of static web pages. Among the included programs some are worth mentioning:

  • Kommander: A tool to write and execute scripts through a graphical interface that adds some features to Quanta.
  • KFileReplace: A tool to find and replace strings of text in multiple files at once.
  • KXSLDbg: A XSL script debugger.
  • KImageMapEditor: A graphical editor for image maps.
  • KLinkStatus: A tool to check status of links inside HTML pages.
  • Quanta+: A HTML editor. Many of the Quanta features require the previously listed programs to be installed.

Tdewebdev is an optional package aimed to web developers. Other users can use the Trinity Desktop Environment without.

Tdewebdev and Slackware

A package analogous to tdwebdev exists in KDE 3.5: kdewebdev. In the last couple of years TDE developers worked at converting the tdewegbdev build system to cmake. This is still a work in progress and only Quanta and KFileReplace building works with the new system. Unfortunately the resulting Quanta release lacks many features needing binary files from the missing parts of the package. Autotools and an heavily updated kdewebdev SlackBuild script were used to obtain a full build of the package. The following rules were applied when compiling the package to ensure a clean build:

  • Directory /opt/trinity was set as package root directory.
  • Some missing makefiles were created running the make command from inside the main directory of the code extracted from the source archive.
  • The source code was patched in order to solve a version mismatch issue with libtool: the source code was configured for release 2.2.6, but 2.4.2 is installed along Slackware 14.0.
  • Some static links were added to the doinst.sh install script. Links are needed by Quanta to find and enable its related plug-ins. More details can be found below.
  • No specific options were used for the configure command as the package seems not to need any.

Some script lines of code and related comments follow.

Some configuration scripts required by the build procedure are missing from the source tarball. We create the makefiles using the make command:

   # Prepare the package for building (Create the configure script).
   echo "(II) admin makefile run here" >> ${OUTPUT}/${PRGNAM}_configure.log
   make -f admin/Makefile.common \
      2>&1 | tee -a ${OUTPUT}/${PRGNAM}_configure.log

A patch is needed to solve a libtool package version mismatch conflict:

   # Patch the admin/ltmain.sh script in order to solve a version mismatch.
   patch -p0 -i ${SRCDIR}/ltmain_version_update.patch

The script specifically sets Qt libraries paths in order for other scripts to find them at build time:

   # Add temporary paths to handle new libraries during build
   export QTDIR=/opt/trinity
   export PATH=/opt/trinity/bin:/usr/bin:$PATH
   export LIBDIR=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}:/opt/trinity/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}
   export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=:/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/pkgconfig:/opt/trinity/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Finally the script runs the ./configure command to configure source code in accordance to the destination environment:

   # Configure the package
   ../${PRGNAM}-${VERSION}/configure \
      --prefix=${PREFIX} \
      --sysconfdir="/etc/trinity" \
      --libdir=${LIBDIR} \
      --mandir=${PREFIX}/man \
      --with-qt-dir=${QTDIR} \
      --with-qt-includes=${PREFIX}/include \
      --with-qt-libraries=${PREFIX}/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX} \
      --disable-rpath \
      --enable-closure \
      2>&1 | tee -a ${OUTPUT}/${PRGNAM}_configure.log

Once the configuration successfully concludes, the script runs the make command then goes on with packaging the software.

After build conclusion, during the binary and configuration file installation, a partial doinst.sh file containing some links to libraries is copied in the directory meant for post install scripts:

   # Add some links needed by Quanta to find plug-ins
   if [ -f ${SRCDIR}/doinst.sh ]; then
      cat ${SRCDIR}/doinst.sh >> ${PKG}/install/doinst.sh

A full script can be downloaded from the following link. The output package can be installed using command installpkg as usual in Slackware Linux.

Quanta and its Plug-ins

Quanta, the tdewebdev included HTML editor, uses plug-ins to enable some optional features provided by external software. Sadly Quanta does not seem to find those plug-ins in spite of them being successfully compiled and installed. Likely a path related issue that can be solved adding some lines of code in the doinst.sh script to link the libraries to the Quanta searched directory while installing the package. Quanta showing an error message at start-up and complaining for missing KFileReplace, KImageMapEditor, KLinkStatus or KXSLDbg related libraries means something went wrong. The missing links can be created running the following commands:

  ln -s /usr/lib/trinity/libklinkstatuspart.la /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/libklinkstatuspart.la
  ln -s /usr/lib/trinity/libkimagemapeditor.la /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/libkimagemapeditor.la
  ln -s /usr/lib/trinity/libkfilereplacepart.la /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/libkfilereplacepart.la
  ln -s /usr/lib/trinity/libkxsldbgpart.la /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/libkxsldbgpart.la

If no /opt/trinity/lib/trinity directory is present on the system create it running command:

  mkdir -p /opt/trinity/lib/trinity

Close then reopen Quanta for it to update the plug-ins location and to correctly enable them. It is worth mentioning that among the many Quanta configuration options there is a plug-in search path. Changing the default value to the correct one does not solve the issue: plug-ins are correctly discovered and loaded, but using them only causes an error message to be shown.

For any feedback, questions, errors and such, please e-mail me at studiosg [at] giustetti [dot] net

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