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Welcome to Simone Giustetti's wiki pages.

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5.1.0 ⇒ 5.2.1

Below you'll find the procedure I followed to update VtigerCRM release 5.1.0 to more recent 5.2.1.

  • Make a full back-up of release 5.1.0 database.
  • Create a new empty database dedicated to release 5.2.1. Use standard SQL command "CREATE DATABASE <database_name> ;" to perform the task. Please refer to the documentation for your installed MySql release for the correct syntax and a more detailed description of the command.
  • Recover release 5.1.0 back-up on the 5.2.1 empty database overwriting it.
  • Grant to release 5.1.0 admin user root access to the database for release 5.2.1. The user should be authorized to connect and perform administrative tasks on both databases.
  • Run the data conversion process through VtigerCRM 5.2.1 installer program.
  • MyIsam formatted tables will be translated into InnoDb format as part of the conversion. Some of the tables could trigger an installer error. In case of problems delete the error inducing tables and later import them directly from the back-up file. Use SQL command: "DROP TABLE <table_name> ;" to remove tricky tables.
Please note that an alternative to deleting and recreating the table exists:
The error is triggered while converting because of table field usermanualid, the table primary key. The autoincrement flag is not set for the field while it is set for another table field contentid, which is not a primary key itself.
Disable the flag and the table should be converted smoothly. Flag can be disabled issuing a SQL command or through a graphical interface connected to release 5.2.1 database.
  • Complete table conversion and the remaining part of the update process run by the 5.2.1 package installer.
  • Create eventually deleted tables and load data recurring to VtigerCRM release 5.1.0 back-up file as the data source.

After update completion, point your Web Browser to the usual URL to access release 5.2.1 of the CRM.

For any feedback, questions, errors and such, please e-mail me at studiosg [at] giustetti [dot] net

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Languages: English - Italiano