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From the ashes of KDE 3.5 the TDE, short for Trinity Desktop Environment, project was born with the aim to maintain and further develop the graphical environment correcting bugs and constantly updating both software and tools used to build it. Considering the large number of libraries and programs making up TDE, building all packages for the desktop environment presents both a challenge and a considerable effort. Anyway TDE is a valid alternative to KDE 4 or Gnome 3 especially for conservative architectures that do not abuse of CPU power like ARM processors and the many Raspberry Pi variants.

This page collects all of the articles about building and installing TDE I wrote in the past. All of the SlackBuild scripts needed to build packages supported by the Slackware package manager are provided too. Up to date scripts can be downloaded form the more recent article available at the bottom of the page.

TDE and Slackware Linux 14.0

TDE 14.0.0 and Slackware Linux 14.1

TDE 14.0.1 and Raspberry Pi 2

TDE 14.0.4 and Raspberry Pi 3

TDE 14.0.5

TDE 14.0.6 and Raspberry Pi 4

TDE 14.0.7

TDE 14.0.8

TDE 14.0.9

TDE 14.0.10

TDE 14.0.11 / 14.0.12

Configuring TDE as Default Graphical Interface

TDE 14.0.13

TDE 14.1.0

TDE 14.1.1

TDE 14.1.2 - Latest Article

TDE Building FAQ

Gallery of Snapshots of TDE in action

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Languages: English - Italiano