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Welcome to Simone Giustetti's wiki pages.

Languages: English - Italiano

I am Simone Giustetti an It professional with a ten year and more experience with Linux and Open Source software. I have been the Wine Slackware packager since January 2010 and I'm the person in charge of building and testing Slackware packages for every new release. I will use this site pages to promote myself and share what I learned / produced over the years: packages, scripts, slackbuilds, articles and more.

Time has come for an upgrade to the Wiki pages. An update I've been thinking of for some time consists of the new links page: a list of tools I use on a daily basis and of professional "colleagues" I work or used to work with. They are obviously the best tools and some of the nicest people I dealt with and are highly recommended. Moreover a new section was added containing articles and how-tos about computer programming at large. The new section will integrate the Vtiger specific one with similar, but not CRM specific topics.

Were you interested in hiring me, please check the site offerings page for a list of service offerings.

Documentation / Articles

Here you will find a selection of my articles - I hope they will be useful.

Cryptography related

VoIP related

Linux related

Iscan for Linux related

TDE and Slackware Linux related - New Article

Wine for Slackware Linux related

VtigerCrm related

SAN and NAS administration related:

Creating a NFS share on a Celerra

Migrating a shared directory to a Celerra

Coding related

Debugging PHP code

Debugging PHP code with Xdebug

Virtualbox related:

3D acceleration in Virtualbox

Installing Virtualbox from an USB pen drive

Professional Services

For a list of services the studio offers, please visit our propaganda page.


To contact me, ask for support, ask for offerings, quotes and more please refer to the contacts page. Thank you.

Languages: English - Italiano