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VtigerCRM 5 form field properties

Data Type

Code Description
C Check box. Boolean "Yes" / "No" data type.
D Date.
DT Date and Time.
E E-mail address.
I Integer number.
N Number.
NN Negative number.
O Duration in minutes.
P Password.
T Time.
V Variable length text field.

Some Formatting Examples

Code Description
C~O Optional Yes / No flag.
D~O Optional date field.
E~M Mandatory e-mail address field.
E~O Optional e-mail address field.
I~M Mandatory integer number.
I~O Optional integer number.
NN~O Optional negative number.
N~M Mandatory numeric value.
N~O Optional numeric value.
O~O Elapsed time in minutes. Optional field.
P~M Password. This is obviously a mandatory field.
T~M Time. Mandatory field.
T~O Time. Optional field.
V~O Optional text field.
V~M Mandatory text field.

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Languages: English - Italiano