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Linux is a modern operating system used in many fields and supporting a vast amount of software. This page collects all of the Linux and Linux programs related articles I wrote over time. Mainly poorly documented features or special configurations I had to deal with in the past that I believe could prove useful to other users. My distribution of choice is Slackware Linux, but articles are written trying to be distribution and architecture neutral.

StudioSG is responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining Linux servers for small / medium sized companies and organizations. Were You interested in our services, please contact us at our contacts. Thank You.

How-to update a Slackware Linux system

How-to Build a LibreOffice package for Slackware Linux

February 2021 Update

Connect LibreOffice Base to a MariaDB or MySQL RDBMS

How-to set up the default sound card

Migrating passwords between Seamonkey versions

Get Stronger Passwords with Cracklib

Using Cracklib with Slackware Linux Default Authentication System
Using Cracklib with Debian / Red Hat Linux Default Authentication System

Configuring a Raspberry Pi 4 as a Desktop Replacement

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Languages: English - Italiano