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Welcome to Simone Giustetti's wiki pages.

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VtigerCRM - Localization

The VtigerCRMsoftware is localized in many languages other than English. Translations for the program are managed through text files saved in include/language/ a sub-directory of VtigerCRM root directory. Modules are translated too by means of text files saved inside the language sub-directory of each module. Localization files share a strict naming convention: <language>.lang.php. The Italian related translation file is named it_it.lang.php and can be retrieved following path include/language/it_it.lang.php.

Files formatting follows a strict standard: One entry per line formatted as the following one:

   ' <entry> ' => ' <translation> ',
'<entry>' the original English term, acronym or sentence.
'<translation>' the translated string.
=> assign a translation to an entry.

Entries related to Lead conversion button / link are: LBL_CONVERT_BUTTON_LABEL and ConvertLead. The Italian translation for both labels as included in the include/language/it_it.lang.php file follows:

   'LBL_CONVERT_BUTTON_LABEL' => 'Converti in Cliente',
   'ConvertLead' => 'Converti in Cliente',

Each line must end with a comma character whose function consists of separating an entry from the one in the line following. The comma character has to be omitted in the last line of the file when the localization entry list ends.

For more information about customizing localization files please consult the on-line coding guidelines:

For any feedback, questions, errors and such, please e-mail me at studiosg [at] giustetti [dot] net.

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