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Welcome to Simone Giustetti's wiki pages.

Languages: English - Italiano

StudioSG is a company specialized in providing ICT services with high added value. Its main asset consists of the experience, skills, professionalism, and passion brought in by the people it employs. StudioSg delivers solutions based on Open Source products. It has been offering Linux based solutions since 2000 and gradually enriched its product expertise in order to meet customer satisfaction and comply with technology evolution.

The attested technical skills and the ability in designing and deploying solutions that solve real life problems are all the traits that mark out StudioSG as a reliable partner when it comes to handling complex projects and managing an IT infrastructure.

Our skills

StudioSG technical skills were gained in over 15 years of experience in ICT, mainly focused towards the configuration and management of mission critical systems, and span over several operating systems and software packages:

  • Back-up: Bacula, Data Domain, Legato Networker, Hp Data Protector.
  • VoIP Telephony Switching Service: Asterisk, FreePBX.
  • Encryption and Data Security: EncFS, EncryptFS, GPG, PGP.
  • CRM: coreBOS, Dolibarr, VtigerCRM.
  • RDBMS: MariaDB, MySql, Oracle, PostgreSql, Sybase.
  • Firewall: IPtables / Netfilter.
  • Operating System: FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris.
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Php, Shell (Bash, Ksh, etc.).
  • Publishing Systems: WikiMedia.
  • Storage: Emc² Symmetrix, Clariion, Celerra.
  • Virtualization: Virtualbox.

Professional services

StudioSG and its staff is able to offer many professional services to the enterprise:

  • Back-up configuration and management for both file systems and databases.
  • VoIP gateways and IP PBX systems installation, configuration and day by day administration.
  • Planning the adoption of data encryption in small to medium organizations.
  • Database development, administration and back-up strategy planning.
  • Data migration.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) design and maintenance.
  • Unix and Linux System Integration and administration.
  • CentOS, Debian GNU/Linux, Devuan GNU/Linux and Slackware Linux installation, configuration and day by day administration.
  • Deployment of Linux embedded solutions.
  • Customization and development of Open Source software packages.
  • Linux training.
  • Deployment of Linux packages.
  • CoreBOS, Dolibarr, VtigerCRM installation, configuration and day by day administration.
  • Development of customizations and modules for coreBOS and VtigerCRM.

Our Contacts

To contact us: Contacts.

Thank you for visiting!

Languages: English - Italiano